Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mix #1

by many artists

Contains the songs:

1. It Might be Hope (Sara Groves)
2. End of Me (Building 429)
3. Pretty Dress (Rosie Thomas)
4. Take My Hand (The Kry)
5. It Don't Matter to the Sun (Rosie Thomas)
6. Mr. Blue Sky (ELO)
7. I Saw What I Saw (Sara Groves)
8. Say Hello (Rosie Thomas)
9. Hold on Tight (ELO)
10. Give Me Your Eyes (Brandon Heath)
11. Kite Song (Rosie Thomas)
12. The Long Defeat (Sara Groves)
13. Never Going Back to OK (The Afters)
14. Ruin Me (Jeff Johnson)
15. Welcome Home (Shaun Groves)
16. Ichi Ni San... Go (Scatman John)


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