Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Talking to Dragons (#4)

by Patricia C. Wrede

Always be polite to dragons!  That's what Daystar's mother taught him… and it's a very wise lesson - one that might just help him after his mom hands him a magic sword and kicks him out of the house.  Especially because his house sits on the edge of the Enchanted Forest and hus mother is Quessn Cimorene.  But the tricky part is figuring out what he's supposed to do with the magic sword.  Where is he supposed to go?  And why does everyone he meets seem to know who he is?  It's going to take a particularly hotheaded fire-witch, a very verbose lizard, and a badly behaved baby dragon to help him figure it all out.  And those good manners certainly won't hurt!

book, fiction, fantasy

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